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IMPORTANT NOTICE: At times, 10.7 Planning Certificates are failing to send out to nominated email addresses through the automated service. If you have not received your certificate within 2 hours please contact Council on 9843 0555 to have the certificate emailed to you manually. The matter is currently being investigated and we appreciate your understanding.


The personal information that Council has collected or is collecting from you is personal information for the purposes of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.
The intended recipients of the personal information are:
  1. officers within the Council;
  2. data service providers engaged by the Council from time to time;
  3. any other agent/contractor of the Council; and
  4. other Statutory Authorities.
The supply of the information by you is not voluntary. If you cannot provide or do not wish to provide the information sought, the Council may be limited in dealing with your request etc. Council has collected this personal information from you in order to process your request/application etc. You may make application for access or amendment to information held by Council. You may also make a request that Council supress your personal information from a public register. Council will consider any such application in accordance with the PPIPA. Council is to be regarded as the agency that holds the information. Enquiries concerning this matter can be addressed by the Privacy Officer on ph:9843 0122.

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